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Our Company

The importance of tradition is as sacred as the importance of creative application at Mahesh Exports. From around the world, we seek to learn and be inspired by art and crafts. Therefore, we constantly encourage the use of creative and innovative ideas in our traditional and modern carpet weaving techniques. Mahesh Export is an unwavering commitment to creating products that use nature to their fullest potential while making the home a natural extension of self-expression. We believe in craftsmanship, that good design can be beautiful and organic, and that beautiful things should be made with this very sensibility.

Our Management

Deepak Maheshwari

Procurement Head

Chirag Maheshwari

Operation & Marketing Head

Jyotsana Maheshwari

Designing Head

Vatsal Maheshwari

Production & Co-ordination Head


In-House Design

In-House Design Team

The truth of great design is honesty. Honest to the craft, honest to the material, and honest to your taste. Investing time and thought into the design language is important to us.

With each product, we strive to create pieces that remain true to themselves. Keeping current on design trends from around the world, the Mahesh Exports team draws on extensive backgrounds in Product Design, Architecture, and Industrial Engineering.

We test all prototypes for fit, form, and function after sourcing according to material subsets, craftsmanship, and price point. Obsessed with detail, we make products with character.



Product Development

Our global standards of quality are met by our constant attention to detail, which starts with a commitment to ethically sourcing the highest-quality materials. This includes handling raw materials that allow us to refine every design and production step.

Our design philosophies evolved from the movement toward minimalism and raw materials. Each of our products compliments each of their materials' inherent beauty while allowing them to stand out freely without overpowering one another. This allows our designers to craft pieces that are both timeless yet with a sense of character and immovable elegance.

Our Values


(Dridhi-karan-Niyamanah) • Sanskrit


Our commitment is to serve our customers with the best quality product and provide them a service which is unprecedented in the industry


(Kar-tav-yam) • Sanskrit


Our weavers and employees are the foundation of our company and taking care of their well-being is our primary responsibility.


(Av-chayn-nata) • Sanskrit


A very important trait which helps us being transparent with our customers, suppliers & society.


(Sat-Kri-tih) • Sanskrit


Our weavers taught us the value of simplicity which eventually brings integrity. The commitment towards work of our artisans and weavers adds integrity amongst our entire team.


(Svan-Tvas) • Sanskrit

Personal Courage

Business has its ups and downs and our courage to keep moving and keep developing new things helps us grow and makes us different from our competition.

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Our Team